Justice League of WNY

Code of Conduct

The JLWNY recognizes that its costumes represent characters from various genres and universes and as such, the costume-wearers carry the responsibility of portraying these characters tastefully and professionally while in public.

For these reasons, all members are prohibited from acting in a manner disrespectful towards the image they are portraying, towards fellow club members, or towards the public at large while in costume at an event expressly organized as an JLWNY event.

  1. Cosplay is Not Consent.
    JLWNY will not tolerate the practice of sexual misconduct or sexual harassment by any of its members. This includes unwelcome conduct that violates applicable local laws concerning sexual harassment and inappropriate conduct of a sexual nature.
  2. Dealing with Threats.
    1. If a member is being assaulted, abused or inappropriately touched by a member of the public, the member should move away from the situation and bring it to the attention of security and other members.
    2. Members are not to physically contact the public, unless it is unavoidable that they are assaulted and must defend themselves.
    3. Retreating and getting help is preferred.
  3. Personal Safety
    When walking around a con or event, away from the main group, members are to be in groups of at least 2 members at all times.
  4. Foul language, obscene gestures, and use of alcohol or tobacco are prohibited while in costume in view of the public (children especially) as they jeopardize the club’s image.
  5. Acting in a threatening or violent manner, sexual harassment or misconduct, theft, and illegal substance abuse are all prohibited as they are unacceptable behavior. This applies to members in or out of costume at JLWNY events or otherwise.
  6. Dealing with other members.
    1. Courtesy to fellow members is mandatory.
    2. Refrain from abusive or disparaging comments by email, text, social media, verbally or in writing.
    3. Harassment of any type will not be tolerated.
    4. If there is an issue between members, bring it to the attention of an officer of the group.
    5. Not everyone can be friends, but tolerance at group gatherings and towards each other outside the group is expected.
  7. In short, crude behavior is discouraged; threatening behavior is prohibited completely. Members who engage in such conduct may be subject to disciplinary action, including expulsion from the JLWNY
  8. Please be sure to bathe/shower prior to an event, and use deodorant.
    For longer events, breath freshener, and a reapplication of deodorant is recommended.
  9. Costumes should be clean and in good condition.
    Please be sure to mend, repair and freshen (clean, launder, fabreeze) costumes and props between appearances.
  10. Proper footwear is mandatory.
    While a few characters may be barefoot, facility rules and personal safety take precedence. An exception can be made for masquerades.
  11. Please minimize cell phone usage at events.
    While using your phone for taking selfies, photos, video and social media attention (ie we’re here posts, and live streaming) is acceptable, we want to be as accessible to the public as possible and appearing to be ‘focused on the phone’ is a deterrent to their interacting with us.
  12. PDA (public display of affection) between members should be extremely limited during events that involve the public.
    1. Professional appearance at all times is mandatory.
    2. Remember, we are often dealing with young children who won’t understand why the science fiction character is being romantic with the cartoon character.
    3. When at appearances, members are to remain in character while in the public’s eye.
  13. Professionalism is key.
    1. Discussions at events between members are to be professional and courteous, even out of earshot of the public.
    2. Refrain from profanity, innuendo, or social/political debate.
    3. While in costume, at an event, the consumption of alcohol is prohibited.
    4. Arriving at an event, during an event or at a meeting, any member under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be dismissed from the event or meeting and could face disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from the group.
  14. Dealing with Children
    1. Members are to NEVER be alone with any child.
    2. Members will not hold babies or lift up small children for liability reasons, unless it is their own relative.
    3. Children that are aggressive, kick, hit or abuse a member should be immediately brought to the attention of the parents or person in charge of them. Distance yourself from the situation and do not touch the child. Notify other members and/or security.
  15. Posing for Photos
    1. While at events, members will be approached by the public to pose for photos.
    2. This is at the member’s discretion, within the bounds of decency.
    3. Requests may be denied if the request is obscene, offensive, or the requestor is behaving in a fashion that makes the member feel unsafe.
    4. If members must leave an area and cannot accommodate a photo request, they should refer the members of the public to the main group area, or inform them when the member will return from activities or break.
  16. Events
    1. Event Attendance is not mandatory, but is encouraged and is a determining factor towards being considered a full voting member.
    2. We understand that personal and professional needs will effect a members availability.
    3. We encourage all members to be as active and involved as possible.
    4. Members should indicate if they are attending events so that we may accurately manage needed admissions, parking passes, meal vouchers and other things.
    5. If a member must leave early, arrive late or can not attend an event they have previously indicated they were attending, they must notify the event coordinator as soon as possible.
    6. Failure to notify the coordinator in a timely manner may be grounds for membership review.
  17. Failure to adhere to this Code of Conduct could result in disciplinary action including suspension and dismissal from the group.
  18. This code is not meant to restrict freedom
    1. It’s purpose is to give fair warning what behaviors may require action to correct.
    2. When out of costume, members are still required to observe reasonable behavioral standards towards fellow club members, as these actions affect one another.
    3. Your private life is your own.
    4. Actions that bring disfavor or a negative light on the group will not be tolerated.
    5. Arrests for domestic violence, child abuse, child pornography, endangering the welfare of a child, a violent crime, gun violence or any felony or misdemeanor will bring your membership under review and dismissal could result.
    6. Any illegal activity or behavior at events or meetings will be reported to law enforcement.

Adopted July 15, 2018


Amendment 1 – Guest Attendance of Events

Because of our focus on professionalism, guest participation at events is subject to Steering Board approval. All guests must be eligible for membership in the group and agree to comply with all rules, policies and guidelines, including submitting costumes for review and approval.

Adopted December 18, 2018

Amendment 2 – Member Dismissal

Members may be dismissed from the group due to several reasons.

  • Failure to comply with the groups rules, policies or guidelines.
  • Disrespect, Rudeness, Inappropriate Behavior, Persistent Negativity, Insubordination, Drama.
  • Illegal behavior, criminal action.

Adopted December 18, 2018

Amendment 3 – Social Media
  • The Justice League of WNY uses social media in its work and recognizes that those who are involved in its activities may also use social media either as part of their role or in their private lives. A written policy is therefore required for all volunteers on the acceptable use of social networking.
  • The JLWNY encourages the responsible use of social media. The purpose of this policy is to set out what the League expects from our volunteers when using social media. It is important to remember that we are all ambassadors for the charity and that social media is never private.
  • The JLWNY recognizes that the internet provides unique opportunities to participate in interactive discussions and share information on topics relevant to our activities using a wide variety of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram among others. This policy aims to protect individuals volunteering with us in any role and to encourage you to take responsibility for what you write, exercise good judgment and common sense.
  • The JLWNY requires members to maintain a “Clean Public Face”. This means on Facebook, Instagram and/or other social media platforms, volunteers must not post disparaging and/or defamatory statements/remarks about the League.
  • Please do not endorse things like discrimination based on sex, orientation, religion, political stance, or ethnicity. The League reserves the right to refuse/remove a member based on their social media platforms displaying such properties. We are an organization based solely on the love of cosplaying and bringing joy to others. We do not want any opinions or disagreements to disturb that goal.
(Borrowed from The League of Enchantment)
Adopted June 1, 2021