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Whose Hero Will You Be Today?


The Justice League of Western New York

An All Volunteer non-profit group of costumers, cosplayers and prop builders dedicated to bringing smiles to those who need them most through costumed appearances, charity work and community service.

Cosplay combined with charity support, seeking to help the people and causes of WNY.

Donation to FeedMore WNY
Donation to NF Salvation Army

Our Mission

Justice League of WNY is a professionally organized non-profit assembly of volunteer cosplayers, costumers and prop builders who have come together to bring cheer to kids of all ages, through charity appearances, appearing at community events, and costumed performances.

We raise money for various charities through partnerships with several community businesses.

ZAP! superhero cosplay, Justice League of WNY.
KAPOW! - superhero cosplay, Justice League of WNY.

How to Join the Justice League of WNY

We welcome both heroes and villains, because every superhero needs their arch rival right?  Humans and aliens, even robots in disguise are welcome.

Do you have a love of costuming? Do you enjoy helping others and making people smile? Do you enjoy having fun?   Then what are you waiting for?

Joining us is easy.


Click “Join JLWNY“, fill out the application and you’re on the way.

Want us at your Event?

Would you like to have JLWNY appear at your event? We enjoy making public appearances and love helping local charities especially.

It’s easy to get in touch with us.

Simply Click “request appearance” to find out how to get in contact with us!

POW! superhero cosplay, Justice League of WNY.

The Justice League of WNY is a non-profit group of individuals who share a love of costuming, cosplay, prop building and seek to give back to their community.  Through the art of cosplay, this all volunteer team does free community appearances dressed as your favorite superheroes, super villains, science fiction heroes, and fantasy characters.  Our members put their love of this art into their costumes and strive to bring smiles and hope to those in need.

Proudly serving the communities and causes of Western New York.


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