Board of Directors

The Justice League of WNY’s Board handles the basic operations of the group, and arranges and coordinates events.  They take care of new member applications, costume reviews and approvals, and all other day-to-day things as needed. Our goal is to minimize stress for our members so that they can focus on the core idea of entertaining the pubic and bringing attention to the causes and charities that are important to us.

2020 Board

President: Susan Hubbard

Vice Presidents: Shawn Slattery, Keith Hardy

Treasurer: Bob Hubbard

Secretary: Amy Tucci

Directors: Darren Tucci, Emil Novak Sr.


Executive Director: Bob Hubbard

2019 Board

President: Shawn Slattery

Vice Presidents: Susan Hubbard, Keith Hardy

Treasurer: Bob Hubbard

Secretary: Kris Bookhagen

Executive Director: Bob Hubbard

2018 Board / Founders

Shawn Slattery, Susan Hubbard, Keith Hardy, Bob Hubbard, Kris Bookhagen