The Hall of Justice Wall Of Love

Our Sponsors

Washing the glowing green rock dust off the flying guys cape isn’t cheap. We are funded solely through sponsorships and donations. Our sponsors help us cover costs, raise funds for charities, make public appearances and otherwise support us in our core mission of bringing cheer and helping those in need. They help us make what we do possible with their generous donations of time, space and funding.

If you would like to be a Justice League of WNY Sponsor, please Contact Us today!

Queen City Bookstore
Buffalo Comicon
Horizon Martial Arts
Queen City Pinups
Hubbard Photography
Phoenix SCUBA & WaterSports
Bob Hubbard, Cosplay Photographer
Kentropolis Internet
Dominos Pizza

Our Supporters and Friends

Our supporters and friends include a number of local businesses, artists, and professionals as well as other fan groups, clubs and organizations. All help support us in our core mission of bringing cheer and helping those in need.

If you would like to be a Justice League of WNY Supporter, please Contact Us today!


Partner groups are special. They are groups that share our vision of making the world brighter, who work together with other causeplay groups, helping those in need and bringing smiles to kids of all sizes and ages.   Partner groups share event info, help boost each other’s announcements, and work together to build each other up. We’re always looking for more groups to partner with. If your group would like to work with us, contact us and lets chat.

The North Country Crusaders

The North Country Crusaders

Potsdamn, NY

We are a volunteer group aiming to put smiles on as many faces, serve the community in as many ways, and spread hope as far and wide, as we possibly can.



Wellsville, NY

NYS S.H.I.E.L.D. Division – Biography
Co-Founders, Shane Allen & Ryan Nixon met in 2011 and they have been doing cosplay events together ever since. In 2019 they founded NYS SHIELD to help raise money for charities like Wounded Warrior Project.

Ghostbusters 716

Ghostbusters 716

Cheektowaga NY

Who you gonna call? Get your kicks with the Ghostbusters 716!

We’re a Western New York-based causeplay group who works to raise money for local organizations. We’re always happy to come out to events and pose for pictures.

League Of Enchantment

League Of Enchantment

Lansing, MI

The League of Enchantment is a 501c3 Nonprofit with the mission to work together with local hospitals, Make A Wish, and community organizations and events to bring hope and smiles to kids, and kids at heart. Whether it is a smile, hug, photo, or a simple conversation with a child, we are here to make a difference in their lives all through the power of cosplay.