The Justice League of WNY



Our all volunteer cadre of costumed heroes, villains and aliens love helping the community, entertaining kids, and helping charities in their missions. But we need your help.  While our members graciously donate their time, and fund the majority of their costumes and props out of their own pockets, running a group has costs associated with it. Signs, banners, cards, giveaways for the kids, and the costs that go with paying for a po box, website, etc can add up quickly.

So, we’re asking for your help.  We are now offering special sponsorship packages. Get positive public recognition for your business and help support a great local group at the same time. All funds raised support our charity work and help us to continue to positively contribute to our community.

(Note: At this time we are not registered as a charity group, so your donations are not tax deductible. We are working towards this.)